Wedding Trends 2018

What is in for 2018 & what we keep from last year's trends in weddings & events.

Taking a tour in the hottest trend setters’ pages of the wedding industry, gave us a good picture of how wedding styling should be on 2018.

Find here the top trends that caught our attention and the special elements we believe will play key part on your celebrations.

source: Pinterest


The timeless beauty & finece of this material lifts the level of an overall chic styling to unique elegance. Use it widely. It looks so refined yet makes a statement upon appearance and can be used both for stationery as well as decoration and flooring purposes. Our choice would be green marble with gold accents for a tailor made stationery suite in a moody floral decoration scheme.

source: Pinterest

Moody Colorful florals

The truth is that we simply adore colorful florals and we find it really intriguing to add a shabby twist on them. So, a vivid, colorful floral setup can turn up a bit moodier! It’s a huge trend and a real challenge as well. Of-course, color of the year “Ultra Violet” will be perfectly paired to any “moody” setup. Especially, combined with all shades of purple, including wine, lilac, lavender and mauve, will make a statement on this years weddings, according to Martha Stewart Weddings.

Be mostly careful not overdoing it with moody colors, because it might eventually turn your overall looking to dull in zero time!

source: Pinterest

Unique Textures

In terms of layering and powerful 3D likeness, unique textures give special form to linens, stationery, furnishing and decorative materials. We will also see patterned floral gowns, layered hand-sewed flowers and extremely detailed head bands. When it comes to furniture, it seems like there will be surprising uses of layering. For example, bar facades, where we can see “living-bar-fronts” with combination of greenery and laser cut woodwork. Forming unique surfaces, will give life to the most visited spot of a wedding reception!

source: Pinterest

Metallics revised: Chrome & Silver

Adding more to a moody yet stylish and fresh setup, those specific metallics lead to an even more dramatic effect. Darker and more sophisticated tones, than copper – which still remains a big trend in a muted version- will make a statement in wedding decorations for 2018.

source: Pinterest


During the past years it was more than clear that see-through materials and setups would be mostly preferred for upcoming events. This year, it’s definitely a trend and a preference for wedding planners worldwide. Since bold is still here, there will be the option to be bold yet clear. Bold hanging floral installations, mirrors, glass-works and transparent materials such as acrylic, will be of great attention.

Uber-Elegant Weddings. Bold & eclectic looking.

It was about time to give an end to never-ending-all-inclusive-boho style!

Boho will always be a bestie for wedding worldwide, however, this year we will find true character to elegance and class. Eclectic mixes of materials and flowers with kilims & large marble floors will be a choice for luxury lovers.

source: Pinterest

Fusion cuisine – Creative Wedding Food

According to BRIDES mag, unique food will capture all guests attention. “For 2018, we predict more alternative options for wedding food, like Mexican, Japanese even Peruvian inspired cuisine, with tacos, sushi ans ceviche on the menu”, they say.

source: Pinterest

Unexpected Entertainment

Creative food selection is one way to surprise your guests. This year couples will look for new ways to entertain their guests. As Wedding Wire indicates “It’s very much about creating an incredible experience for guests”. A highlighted trend will be a twist of the photo-booth concept. According to the same source “Today’s couples are having an open booth with a backdrop. A no-booth Booth”.

source:  Apples and Mints , Pinterest

Destination Weddings – Embracing local culture

Since couples choose to travel to celebrate their union in a unique place, there is a massive interest in embracing local culture elements. As suggested by Martha Stewart Weddings “The best part of these unique places, are the local traditions and customs, which make incorporating them a must-try in 2018”. Like the Naxian local musicians accompanying the bride, as seen on our couples wedding in the Cyclades.