Here comes the Wedding Cake

How to choose the perfect cake, both creatively and above all heavenly tasty!

Trending Creative Cakes for 2018

Trending the mostly viewed feature of your wedding, we gathered a bunch of deliciously presented wedding cakes. Think of your cake more like a canvas and let your imagination run wild! There are numerous trends to guide you and give you a hint of how cakes look like these days.

Well, gathering as much information as we could, one thing is for sure: A wedding cake is not just a cake, it is a piece of art! Naked cakes, marble looking features, hand-painted patterns, metallics, shimmering details, find their way into wedding cake decoration.

There are so many ways to personalize each trend to your personal style. Have your cake decorated with one or more of these elements, to really stand out.

Our choice: Deckle-edge Cake!

Elegant yet roughly-cut on one edge, these cute-wild cakes blow our mind!

Tip: Minis! Once again, they captured our eye.

source: Pinterest