MAY 2013

A  wedding that left a taste of fine Parisian atmosphere! Especially, the lyrics of “la Vie En Rose” kept lingering in mind for many days to follow!

Spring wedding: YES, at the very beginning of Greek summer. This wedding was a really special project to us. That’s because it was the “opening act” for Apples & Mints, to the event planning industry here in Greece.

Enthusiastic by nature and truly  in love with nature’s perfection, I was more than eager to create a unique and elegant wedding. As a result, this wedding was full of emotions and symbolisms and this celebration remained unforgettable.

The wedding theme arose effortlessly, while the wedding proposal took place in Paris. The city of light had a special place in couple’s hurts. We blended a color palette of elegant and pure mint green, royal blue and hints of scentful purple. This mix gave light to all materials we used, from flowers to fabrics, to desserts and off-course the so-romantic bridal look.

A silken multi-bows-like, mint gown tail was the highlight of a “convertible” wedding dress!  Gradually, it was transformed into a tea length dress for the first dance. A tango-vals of thrillic Pugliese lead their steps to the couple’s first dance and the party began with every single guest on the dance floor.

The energie of this night is always there and the feeling of true happiness, deep love and true joy keeps the fire burning in our hearts.

A beginning of a journey full of delight was made here!

Enjoy and celebrate always!