Express yourself

The art of bringing to light the most beloved elements of your personality.

Believe it or not, the most common mistake during the exciting period of wedding preparations, is to get lost into so many different styles and options you can broadly find online. The power of an image, an emotional video, a perfectly paired couple and an astonishing setup, can leave you raving. Then you wander, whether to choose everything you see or just some.

Simply don’t bite! Not everything you see is spontaneously and effortlessly done. Sometimes all you need to do during meeting with your wedding planner, is take time to discuss about you. Make points about your tastes, regardless your wedding theme and styling.

Bringing to light the most beloved elements of your personality, should be your guide throughout the process. How to do this? When you are full of information and you feel that you want this and that and all, take a break and step back. Leave your phone, your laptop for a sec and picture you and your beloved on the scenery that would be ideal just for you. Bring on your mind memories of your best holidays together, of places you have visited and those you wish to. Think of your tastes, your preferred colors, your hobbies, your dreams.

Express yourself! Make some funny videos, visit the place that inspires you the most. Close your eyes and see things in a different way. Relax and enjoy the moment.

In fact all you wish for your wedding day is to enjoy and create beautiful memories with your family and friends.