A Year to 9 Months before

Wedding date: Choose the season you would like to get married. Usually it is preferred that weddings take place in spring and mainly in summer, but nothing stops you to plan a fall-wedding or even a winter-wedding!

Wedding planner: It would be best for you to decide early, whether to assign your wedding to a wedding planner. If you decide so, be sure that there are many benefits and even more fun! Just take a look at the following list and you shall easily decide to take advantage of such valuable aid! As soon as you make your decision, now is the time to call us and arrange our first meeting, in order to build a valuable collaboration and set the desired goal.

Budget: Define an estimation budget for your wedding. Having an idea about how much you are able to afford, gives you a basic guideline on your market research.

Best man/Maid of honor: Most of the times, these are the most beloved persons of yours, thus it is more likely that you have already chosen them! However, if you haven’t, now is the right time to do so. You should have in mind that except for being by your side at your wedding day -and from then on- they have certain obligations and they should too have enough time for preparations.

Reception Venue: You may choose from a wide range of options, provided by the Apples and Mints creative team, according to the guidelines you have provided us both in styling matters as well as financial data. This way, you would be able to easily shorten out the options and make a decision on choosing the ideal place. You can always make your own picks on places which you would like to check out. Check for availability on the desired date.

Tip: Ηave in mind an alternative date in case that you strongly wish to book a particular venue but there is no availability on the desired date.

Church: Preferably, choose a church nearby the event venue for your guests’ convenience. Remember that, after booking the venue, there is no time for complacency! You must hurry up on booking the church! Have in mind that some churches have a significantly heavy schedule, mainly the cathedrals and those on cosmopolitan islands!

9 to 6 Months before

Guest list: Create a guest list for the ceremony and the wedding celebration.

Bride_Step 1: Research for wedding gown: This is the time for the future bride to start looking wedding styles, collecting ideas and finally decide about the style she prefers for her wedding gown. The next step is to book your appointments with designers for bridal rehearsals.

Selection of photographer, videographer: Request to take a look at previous works of those who you would like to get involved with your wedding. Ask them to show you digital and printed material, give them a clear picture on what you would like on your special day, whether you need to have their directions, or if you prefer staged photos or spontaneous shots. Listen to what they have to suggest and let them present their work. Choose those who besides the quality of their work, inspire confidence and comfort to you. Keep in mind that they will be very close to you at your very special moments.

Selection of music coverage: It is definitely the most important component for a successful celebration! Due to this factor, the fun can be lifted off or stay lukewarm! Discuss your preferences with the dj and check whether his style matches yours and whether he adapts to your desires. Ask for feedback from previous weddings where he played music. If you choose a band or orchestra, define the time schedule of their appearance and who will be responsible to cover for their breaks.

6 to 4 Months Before

Graphic design: Choose the designer that meets your needs and discuss on the wedding theme and all the items that you want him to design. There are remarkable professionals in that industry, who offer tailor-made solutions and exclusive design without increasing the cost substantially. Our team can help you select the right one and receive samples of everything needed (invitations, candy boxes etc), in order to form a clear picture of your wedding theme. Make sure you always make your selections according to your theme!

Flower arrangements: Start getting familiar with different species of flowers. Surf on the Internet, talk with friends and of course your wedding planners, to choose the suitable flowers for the decoration of both church and venue, bridal bouquet, wish table etc. Check previous work of the florist and choose according to the quality and the desired theme. It is necessary to visit together the venue before getting any offer, in order for the florist to have a real picture of the requirements and for you, to receive an offer based on specific quantities of flowers and extra equipment if needed.

Decoration: Floral arrangements: done! You will probably need some more equipment for decoration that not all florists have. Usually florists offer some additional equipment, but you may need to hire some other suppliers in order to achieve the desired result. Our help is at your disposal!

Honeymoon trip: Select the destination, define the time frame and duration. Make sure you have all documents required, permits (visa) and vaccinations. Be sure that your passports are valid and you have ensured the needed foreign currency just before your trip!

Tip: If you think to book your travel through a travel agency, let them know that it is a honeymoon trip and you will get pleasant surprises and special prices for sure! Even if you make the research by yourselves, you’d better send e-mails directly to hotels, informing them about the purpose of your trip, as the majority offer special services for newlyweds!

Nutrition & Beauty: It’s time to take care of your figure, for your body and skin health. Pay attention to your diet, visit a health care center and make a schedule of visits for beauty care and treatment.

3 Months before

Best Man, Maid of Honor: Discuss with them about the purchases they shall undertake (wedding crowns, church costs, decoration etc.)

A bit of bureaucracy: Whether this is a religious or civil wedding, you should prepare the necessary documents for the issuance of the marriage license.

Graphic design & wedding favors: Make the final adjustments. Ask for samples and proceed with the orders.

Bride_step 2: Wedding gown selection: You have already finished with the initial wedding gown market research. If you have not decided yet, this is the right time to do so, because the time margin is very short thus you should not delay it any further. If you are thinking of making a tailor-made dress, you must immediately start with the fitting rehearsals.

Tip: Select the wedding dress that goes through your heart and when you wear it you see yourself on the mirror and not only the dress!

Wedding bands: Choose wisely, as it will be the piece of jewelry which you will wear the most during your lifetime. Keep in mind that you’d better choose a piece of jewelry which will remain of your taste even after many years. Ladies may choose a wedding band matching their engagement ring. Notice that during winter, fingers become slightly thinner than during summer. Order your wedding bands not too tight, as they can easily be shortened but not widened. Jewelers and craftsmen can provide you with further information.

Wedding list: Choose the stores you like and open a wedding list in one or more. It’s very important that the majority of items in the selected stores are of your taste in order to have a wider variety of choices. However, if you have already equipped your house, you have the option of a bank wedding registry (account) or even a donation to an institution. The last option is guests’ free choice, but you may need to make a lot of returns, or get unnecessary items, or even same items more than once.

Leave from work: Ask some days off either due to the honeymoon trip or to spend before or after the wedding day. Even if you don’t take the honeymoon trip, ask 2-3 days off to enjoy the happiest day of your life, to get some rest, gather strength and clear off your mind before returning to job.

2 Months before

Bride_step 3: Hair and make-up styling: Experiment with yourself! All this time, after every usual visit at the beauty salon, you can ask for a different hairstyle! Search for different hairstyles and make-ups in any possible mean and schedule appointments with hairstylists and make-up artists for rehearsals. Ask for their advice! Their experience is a valuable ally for you so you can then choose the best for your big day!

Bride_step 4: Reception dress: If you choose to change your dress for the reception or the party, find the one you will wear or start with rehearsals if you prefer a tailor-made. You may also ask the fashion house where you ordered your wedding dress, if it is possible that the same dress can be adjustable to long and short versions so that you will not have to search for a new one.

Groom: In your case, you are allowed to make your choice together with your future wife! Try to find what kind of clothing suits you best. Choose between tuxedo or suit, necktie or bow tie, have some trials and make the final attributes 2 weeks before the wedding. If you decide to visit a tailor for a handmade suit, start immediately with the trials. You, brides, take care of his appearance details in order to achieve a “perfect match”!

Transportation: Decide how you would like to arrive at the church, imagine your entry and choose between coaches, vintage cars, horses, limos or any other type of transportation you wish! Ensure backup transportation (should you choose coach, boat etc.) to leave the reception venue after the completion of the celebration.

Menu: Finalize the details concerning the menu, schedule some taste tryouts and think of anything more you would like to add as a final touch.

Wedding cake: Most of the times, catering companies are also responsible for the wedding cake. However, you may choose another patisserie to order exactly whatever you like, in case you are not pleased with what you are offered by the caterer or if you have something extraordinary in mind! The options are unlimited! Ask our team to help you with it!

Desert table, pastries and beverages: You may offer to your guests a variety of side food and delicacies while waiting for you to arrive, during the reception or close to its end. If your wedding ceremony takes place in the churchyard, you may offer to them some refreshing drinks. Ask for our ideas and for vendor suggestions!

Dancing lessons: Your first dance! Select your favorite song or your the music style you prefer and take dancing lessons from specialists!

Music selection: Choose the song for your entry, the music for the first dance, for cutting the wedding cake etc. Decide whether there will be a choir in the church. Prepare a song compilation for the orchestra or band and discuss it with them. Give final directions to the dj.

Special effects: Such as smoke effects generated by dry ice upon your entry, special lighting during your first dance. Let your imagination run wild and search for the most suitable vendor.

Invitations: As soon as you receive them, start sending and distribution.

1 Month before

Bride_final steps: Final rehearsals: Complete your appearance with the final wedding gown rehearsals and styling. Choose the accompanying accessories and purchase them. Choose between high heel or flat shoes and sandals, and carry them at the final wedding dress trials. Remember to carry a spare pair of shoes just in case.

Final touch: Brides must choose jewelry and grooms – cuff links and other accessories.

Final guest list: Finalize the number of guests. Ask anyone who has not replied yet, in order to fill the table plan and prepare the guest list for the entrance and their arrangement at the tables.

Best man’s & Maid of honor’s gift: Choose according to their wishes a symbolic or practical gift. They are the ones who will play the most important role in your marriage (after you of course) and they will always stand by you. Think about something unique and surprise them!

Bachelor/-ette Party: Arrange some entertainment with your friends. Leave enough days between the bachelor party and the wedding in order to avoid signs of fatigue! A week before the wedding seems ideal!

1 Week before

Planning: Determine the final details. Ask your friends to help you with the rice for the ceremony, the collection of any gifts, determine the seats during the ceremony, the bride’s car driver, the ring bearers’ performance, give the floor plan to the reception responsible… allow our team to take care of the final details and relax! You’re getting married in 7 days!

3 Days before

Honeymoon trip: Prepare your luggage if you plan to leave right after your reception.

Wedding gown pick-up: Pick up your wedding dress and be careful – the groom must not see it for no reason! Before picking it up, make a final trial with your shoes and all your accessories.

1 Day before

The “magic” kit: Prepare an “emergency” kit for the big day! Include a needle and thread, safety pins, band-aids, blister shield plasters, handkerchiefs, baby wipes, makeup, flat shoes etc. Give it to a close friend and ask them to carry it to the refreshment room, offered to you for these special moments in the reception venue. For a detailed list of contents, please click here

The Wedding Day

[for the ladies] Breakfast: Start your day with a rich breakfast. Do so even if you are so nervous that you don’t want to… it will be a protective “cushion” for your stomach later on, for all these cocktails and champagne you’ll drink! Take a relaxing bubble bath, listening to favorite music and…wait to be pampered! Ask your mother to take care of the guests, keeping them busy in the lounge during your preparation, so you will remain calm and relaxed in your room, enjoying your preparations. Ask your best friend or the person who understands you the most to stay with you, reminding you anytime how beautiful this day is and that you have no reason to worry and be nervous. Moreover, remember that while you are getting ready, we are already “on site”, arranging every little detail!

[for the gentlemen] Breakfast: Start your day with a rich breakfast. Invite your friends to share your joy while getting ready for this special day and enjoy!

Wedding rings: do not forget to give them to the best man or the ring bearer!

… We are waiting for you!