Dear guests,

After many requests, we finally surrender!

We apologize for having left you with some confusion, but before you decide to carry a heavy porcelain set of plates and cups on a crowded ferry, let us give you some hints!
As a couple of prospective scientists, we are always on the move looking for weird things to study, which makes preparing a list of desired gifts very difficult.
However, if you want to support our present and future expenses as a couple, we shall give you the means to do that.
Here is the info for my (Lorenzo) bank account, which we use together:


Lorenzo Calviello

IBAN: DE97 1005 0000 1062 4720 94
BLZ: 100 500 00

You coming to celebrate with us is really the best gift you can give, and please do not feel obliged to do anything more than that.
We are so much looking forward to dancing on the beach with all of you!

With love,
Lorenzo & Aslıhan