Dear guests,

This is the wedding planner speaking once again!

Now that you are super excited with the upcoming event and more than eager to travel to Naxos, you might find yourselves a little confused about the options for how you can reach the island! Please find below some useful information concerning your inbound and outbound trip to Naxos.

If you have any question or request, do not hesitate to contact me via email or through the “comments” area, where other guests could find helpful answers too.

Arrival to Naxos: 8th September 2017
Departure from Naxos: 11th September 2017



From Athens to Naxos:
– Olympic air: 06:25(ATH)-07:05(JNX)
– Sky Express: 08:00(ATH)-08:40(JNX)
– Olympic air: 08:15(ATH)-08:55(JNX)
– Olympic air: 10:40(ATH)-11:20(JNX)
– Olympic air: 17:35(ATH)-18:15(JNX)

From Naxos to Athens:
– Olympic air: 07:25(JNX)-08:10(ATH)
– Sky Express: 09:00(JNX)-09:40(ATH)
– Olympic air: 11:40(JNX)-12:25(ATH)
– Olympic air: 18:35(JNX)-19:20(ATH)

From Athens to Mykonos:
– Olympic air: 05:30(ATH)-06:10(JMK)
– Olympic air: 07:25(ATH)-08:05(JMK)
– Volotea: 10:25(ATH)-11:10(JMK)
– Aegean airlines: 10:40(ATH)-11:15(JMK)
– Sky Express: 19:00(ATH)-19:35(JMK)
– Aegean airlines: 19:05(ATH)-19:40(JMK)
– Ryanair: 20:05(ATH)-20:55(JMK)
– Olympic air: 22:25(ATH)-23:05(JMK)

From Mykonos to Athens:
– Olympic air: 06:40(JNX)-07:20(ATH)
– Ryanair: 08:20(ATH)-09:10(JMK)
– Olympic air: 08:35(JNX)-09:15(ATH)
– Olympic air: 11:45(JNX)-12:25(ATH)
– Volotea: 11:55(JMK)-12:45(ATH)
– Sky Express: 12:55(JNX)-13:30(ATH)
– Olympic air: 14:30(JNX)-15:10(ATH)
– Aegean Airlines: 17:50(JNX)-18:30(ATH)
– Aegean Airlines: 20:15(JNX)-20:50(ATH)



From port of Piraeus (PIR) to port of Naxos (JNX):
– Sea Jets (CHAMPION JET 1): 07:00-10:30
– Hellenic Seaways (HIGHSPEED 4): 07:15-11:10
– Blue Star Ferries (BLUE STAR DELOS): 07:25-12:30
– Hellenic Seaways (NISSOS RODOS): 14:00-19:50
– Blue Star Ferries (BLUE STAR NAXOS): 17:30-22:45
– Hellenic Seaways (NISSOS SAMOS): 23:55-06:05

From port of Rafina (RAF) to port of Naxos (JNX):
– Sea Jets (TERA JET): 07:10-11:00
– Fast Ferries (EKATERINI P.): 08:05-13:45
– Sea Jets (PAROS JET): 15:15-19:25
– Golden Star Ferries (SUPER RUNNER): 15:30-19:55

From port of Naxos (JNX) to port of Piraeus (PIR):
– Blue Star Ferries (BLUE STAR NAXOS): 09:30-15:00
– Sea Jets (CHAMPION JET 1): 13:45-16:55
– Hellenic Seaways (HIGHSPEED 4): 17:10-21:05
– Blue Star Ferries (BLUE STAR DELOS): 18:00-23:15

From port of Naxos (JNX) to port of Rafina (RAF):
– Sea Jets (PAROS JET): 09:45-14:15
– Sea Jets (TERA JET): 11:45-15:50
– Fast Ferries (EKATERINI P.): 15:00-20:50
– Golden Star Ferries (SUPER RUNNER): 15:45-20:05

From port of Mykonos (JMK) to port of Naxos (JNX):
– Sea Jets (TERA JET): 09:35-11:00
– Sea Jets (CHAMPION JET 1): 09:50-10:30
– Fast Ferries (EKATERINI P.): 12:30-13:45
– Hellenic Seaways (ARTEMIS): 12:40-15:40
– Sea Jets (CHAMPION JET 2): 13:35-14:50
– Sea Jets (SEA JET 2): 16:30-17:10
– Sea Jets (PAROS JET): 17:55-19:55
– Golden Star Ferries (SUPER RUNNER): 18:10-19:55

From port of Naxos (JNX) to port of Mykonos (JMK):
– Sea Jets (PAROS JET): 09:45-11:25
– Sea Jets (TERA JET): 11:45-13:20
– Sea Jets (CHAMPION JET 2): 12:25-13:05
– Sea Jets (CHAMPION JET 1): 13:45-14:25
– Fast Ferries (EKATERINI P.): 15:30-16:10
– Sea Jets (SEA JET 2): 16:30-17:10
– Sea Jets (PAROS JET): 17:55-19:55
– Golden Star Ferries (SUPER RUNNER): 15:45-17:25


* Schedules update: 7th of May 2017
** Car tickets available

  1. Saturday May 20th, 2017

    A tip from the couple:

    We think it’s easier if you can organize a longer stay and plan to visit Athens too for some days before or after the wedding, to make your trip to Naxos (with ferry or plane) a bit more relaxing!

    Another opportunity is to fly to Mykonos and then take the shorter ferry.

    For guests from Italy:

    Da Roma ci sono diversi voli a prezzi accettabili per Atene e Mykonos. Da Napoli credo convenga arrivare a Mykonos, in quanto ci sono pochi voli per Atene!

    Scrivete le vostre domande nei commenti!
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