Music + Science = Love

Divided by many kilometers, our paths crossed thanks to our common passion: science! He had started a PhD a couple of months ago, and he was late for the interviews with the new PhD candidates. She was one of those candidates, leaving the office after her interview. That’s how we had the first glimpse of each other and spoke for less than 15 seconds at the office doorstep, a moment we both remember vividly! She got the PhD position and we became colleagues, unaware of the dangers ahead.

Our professional relationship was immediately challenged after a short time, as we started enjoying each other’s company a little bit too much. After some months of indecision, we finally managed to put our fears aside, and jumped into this adventure head-on.

We went on to pack our bags, and started sharing an apartment (and a life) together. All of a sudden, Asli had to stop eating those terrible plastic-flavored frozen pizzas, and Lorenzo had to start exploring the concept of a wardrobe where to put FOLDED clothes. And it worked beautifully!

After 3 years of successful symbiosis, we are delighted to share this happy day with you. We really hope that you can find the time and energy to have a little getaway in this beautiful place, and celebrate our love with us.