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4 People wrote to us:
  1. I am looking forward to be there! Lorenzo you are going to be the most beautiful italian-long-haired-not-yet-holding-a-doctorate-but-soon-to-take-about-to-get-married-man at this wedding! Will you be able to afford the pressure of all your guest eyes pointed at you in that beautiful short red dress? I bet you will! So happy about you guys! 🙂 See you there (except if my passport gets stolen, in that case go ahead without me but please take a lot of pictures so I will take a look at them when I am back… except if my computer was stolen with my passport…well in that case I will post a very bad review of your wedding on Tripadvisor, you are warned).

    martedì, der 5. settembre 2017
  2. See you at the BANANABAR!

    giovedì, der 27. luglio 2017
  3. Wow, this is really happening!!! They both look so happy, and the groom is not fat at all!!! Looking forward to dance with Giovanni P.

    sabato, der 20. maggio 2017
  4. Now, this is sweet!!! I’m glad to see such a young and cute couple. I Hope to get to dance with the groom that day.

    sabato, der 20. maggio 2017