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In order to make your research for accommodation easier, I gathered some information that could be useful to you, concerning hotel contact details. All hotels listed are located in Agia Anna & Agios Prokopios, however there are more options both in Agia Anna and in the nearby villages of Agios Prokopios and Plaka, as well as chora (town) of Naxos.

The couple has booked their accommodation on Ktima Lino Hotel https://www.linonaxos.com/

Iria Beach Art Hotel (Agia Anna) info@iriabeach-naxos.com 22850 42600

Kouros Art Hotel (Stelida) info@kouros-naxos.com 22850 29150 / 693 462 1184

Athina Studios & Suites (Plaka) studiosathinanaxos@gmail.com 697 8334290 / 22850 41153-4

Studios Elli (Agia Anna) info@ellistudios.com 697 2871772

Hotel Artemis (Agia Anna) hotelartemisgr@yahoo.gr 697 8334290 / 22850 41150

Studios Aspasia (Agia Anna) aspasiahotel@yahoo.gr 697 3666068 / 22850 42507

Studios Eirini (Agia Anna) info@irinistudios.gr 697 6352410 / 22850 41947

Studios Despoina (Agia Anna) 22850 42009 / 22850 42190

Studios Litsa (Agia Anna) 698 1814681

Pansion Elena (Agia Anna) bardisse@hotmail.com 693 2416239

Althea Hotel (Agia Anna) bardisse@hotmail.com 693 2416239

Hotel Anemomilos (Agia Anna) info@hotelanemomilos.com 697 3032199

Hotel Summer Dream 2 (Agia Anna) info@naxos-summer-dream.gr 694 7222388

Hotel Perla (Agios Prokopios) info@perla.gr 697 6352410

This list consists of hotels where you can have special rates for really valuable rooms, just mentioning that you are guests of the wedding hosted by “Banana beach bar” (owner Maria Korres) on the 10th of September.

By the time you make your reservation please send your accommodation details (hotel, number of guests, duration of your stay) on applesandmints&gmail.com

Special note: Please keep in mind that on sites like booking.com you might find similar rates but in that case the room type (location on the hotel, size, renovated or not etc) might be different.

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